Delivery times are usually :

  • The Courier Guy – 1-4 Business Days
  • PEP PAXI – 7-9 Business Days
  • POSTNET Counter to counter 5-7 business days

Yes – both books are available internationally from www.Amazon.com and on their local sites in America, The United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, and will ship to other countries depending on their terms and Conditions.

Currently only ‘The Engineer’s Perspective’ is available as an ebook and can be purchased from either Amazon for Kindle or KOBO for Rakuten. Apple users can download a Kindle reader for their device. ‘The Field Guide’ should be available, once updated and revised as an ebook in 2024.

Currently only a few local and on-line bookshops stock the blockhouse books, and really best bought from the author.

Yes, the author is available for talks and presentations on blockhouses, their place in the Nation, and historical use and on the importance of heritage as a tourism development tool. Contact him here.

 The author was inspired by a 2009 Getaway article and it sparked an interest that kindled a passion, lasts until to today on the how ? why ? and where ? of everything to do with blockhouses in South Africa.

Accepted wisdom and cited sources previously said around 8,000 were built, but the author’s research proves that the figure was over 9,000 and is increasing with more and more that is uncovered by detailed research. Sadly only around 100 remain today. Do you know of any not in the Field Guide?, if so contact the author!